SMART, the "Spectroscopic Modeling Analysis and Reduction Tool," is a software package to reduce and analyze data from the Infrared Spectrograph (IRS) on the Spitzer Space Telescope. Updates/downloads are provided on this web page from the development team at Cornell University.

Downloading SMART

"I just love the new version and the optimal extraction -- great job, thanks a lot!" --

"I used AdOpt [Advanced Optimal Extraction] a few weekends ago to extract a spectrum and it is amazing! Everyone should try it!" --

[Re: super-resolution extraction] "I didn't know that (super-resolution) was going into this version! B and I have always wanted to have all the sampling back..." --

  • New version Download SMART package v8.2.9 (Sep 30, 2014). Note that if you changed the location of your user parameter directory (smart_bin) for previous installations (located by default in the smart/ directory), you should remove it before running the new version. Full instructions about installing SMART on your system are given in the Installation Guide. The complete list of changes is documented here.

Main changes for versions >=8.2.4
  • Compatibility with IDL 8.0 and 8.1
  • Possibility to retrieve CASSIS spectra through interface (Tools menu)

Main changes for versions >=8.2.3
  • Changed calibration for S18.7.0 optimal extraction. The new calibration uses the same stellar templates as the ones used for the calibration for S18.18. Be sure to check the relevant documentation pages.
  • Smart is in the process of being validated with IDL 8.0, stay tuned and contact us directly if you need the updated procedures before the next release.

Main changes for versions >=8.2
  • Compatibility with s18.18 data.
  • New flux calibration for optimal extraction (AdOpt). Be sure to check the relevant documentation pages. The overall flux is lower than previous calibrations by a few percent due to slightly different stellar templates and a different photometric calibration. This flux calibration is closer to that of the SSC and therefore the spectra extracted with optimal are now more similar to the tapered column extraction, and with the photometry of the other Spitzer instruments.
  • The SL2 IRF (intrapixel response function) has been updated. The IRF is used to calibrate the wiggles at short-wavelengths due to the undersampling and concerns only optimal extraction (AdOpt). In addition to SL2, we also introduce a LL2 IRF.
  • The installation procedure hasn't changed, but it is mandatory to remove the users directory 'smart_bin' before using v8.2 for the first time. This will ensure that the new calibration files are being used.
  • For backward compatibility, you should rename your old datasets when using v8.2. This way the project variables will be reset and no bugs will be encountered.

Important note concerning version 8.0.0
  • The version 8.0.0 released the 9th of October 2009 contained a bug in the flux calibration (optimal extraction). Also, the flux calculated for sources offset in the dispersion direction (the on-the-fly PSF was created correctly, resulting in a good fit, but the flux level was wrong). Version 8.0.1 corrects these issues. The new calibration file package should also be downloaded.

Notes about the calibration files
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: there is now a single package for SMART and the calibration files. Both have been updated and are gathered in a single package. If you still want to download the SMART software and the calibration files separately, please contact the SMART team directly.

tip.gif The calibration files tarball contains the SSC supplied Calibration files used by Smart up to and including version s18.7.

Even if there are no changes to SMART software it is necessary to ensure that you have an up to date set of calibration files. For this reason please check this page periodically and ensure that you always have the most recent version of the SMART package.

The Calibration Files within SMART contains only the files used by Smart. For custom extractions using other calibration files, please download also the Full Package v1.6.0 (21Mb). This optional calibration files tarball contains all the SSC supplied Calibration files up to and including version s18.7. Important note: the files are not ordered by sub-directories in this package, and darks are not included.

Citing SMART

We request that authors using data from the IRS and/or the SMART software include the following citations in their papers :


CASSIS ( is the atlas of all Spitzer/IRS spectra, check it out! The latest version of CASSIS (v6; released February 26, 2014) uses SMART 8.2.8. Spectra of isolated sources in CASSIS do not require more processing and are ready for publication. More complex sources (blended, complex background, e.g., supernova in a galaxy) can be handled by the optimal extraction tool AdOpt? within SMART.

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